What Are the Best Drinks to Bring to a BYOB Party?

What Are the Best Drinks to Bring to a BYOB Party?

When you get invited to a BYOB party, you have the chance to personalize your drink menu for the night. That’s always fun, plus who doesn’t enjoy an exciting time and cheap drinks? But there are so many different beverages you could tote in your cooler. So what are the best drinks to bring to a BYOB party? You know, those drinks that’ll really help you get in the spirit. The answer depends on several factors.

Think about the type of party you’re going to, the potential to share with friends, and your tastes一all that will set you up for a bloody good night.

Know Your Peers (and Your Host)

The host is probably someone you know relatively well, and we think it’s good etiquette to offer them something from your cooler (call us old-fashioned). So while you’re shopping for drinks, keep their tastes in mind.

If your host plans on drinking a lot throughout the night, consider bringing a drink that will keep the party going, like a margarita mix or bottle of whiskey. On the other hand, hosts looking to enjoy a more relaxed night may appreciate a light wine like Cavit Pinot Grigio (believe it or not, we sell bottles for under $10).

If you plan on sharing your alcohol and want to wow other guests with something unique, try these exciting drink combinations.

The Best Drinks to Bring Based on a Party’s Theme

Some parties inspire fun cocktails (like a summer crush cookout), beer kegs, and cheap wine. Others tend to be more refined. If you want to bring the right kind of drinks to a BYOB party, get an idea of the theme before you arrive.

For example, if you’re going to a college graduation party, estimate the average attendee’s age. If the party is casual and friendly, consider bringing a six-pack of light beer or sweet wine. However, party hosts looking to relive their college days may prefer more creative offerings like jello shots or a boozy punch.

Bringing Something Just for You

Some people prefer not to have excessive amounts of alcohol at their parties. Others think that going all-out at BYOB events is the key to a good night. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to know what kind of drinks (and how many of them) you want to bring with you to a particular party. If you’re going to spend the night feeling good but not overwhelmed, consider enough to mix a few cocktails. If you’re in the mood for a night of pour decisions, consider bringing more.

In short, think about how you want to spend the night. So long as you respect your host and the mood of the event, you’re bound to have an enjoyable evening.

Festival Wine & Spirits Can Prepare You for Your Next Party

The best drinks to bring to a BYOB party are often the ones that suit you best. As you’re filling up your cooler, consider what kind of night you want to have. Also, what type of party does your host wants to throw? Keep the mood of your party in mind while you’re shopping. It will help you bring the best selection of drinks (or cocktail ingredients) for the party.

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