Warm Winter Cocktails to Chase Away the Chill

Looking for a way to unwind this winter and chase the chill away? Try one of these warm winter cocktails this season. You will be delighted and surprised. So, get ready to snuggle up on the couch with one of these three wintery treats.

Hot Toddy

When you think hot toddies, you may imagine your grandpa in his comfy chair on a cold winter night. But, have you ever tried one? Trust us; it warms you up to the core when the temperature drops and the wind whistles. They are also delightful if you are home sick with a cold. There are many recipes out there, from basic to exotic. However, we favor the simple formula the most. And the best part? You can use pretty much whatever you have in the liquor cabinet. Hot toddies are delicious whether made with rum, brandy or bourbon.

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Nothing says “adulting” than taking a childhood classic and upgrading it with your favorite liquor. Spiked hot chocolate is the perfect example, for so many reasons. It stirs up nostalgia for the days you would come in from playing in the snow, cheeks all rosy. And, then your mom would hand you a warm mug topped with marshmallows and whipped cream. Transform this prepubescent favorite by adding a shot, or two, of some traditional liquors, like Bailey’s or Peppermint Schnapps. The result is a real treat that chases away even the darkest winter blues.

Hot Buttered Rum

Ever since colonial times, folks have been warming up by sipping on Hot Buttered Rum. And, surely you have read a Holiday story, or have seen a movie where the characters were imbibing on this mysterious beverage. We are here to take the mystery away and tell you this is a delicious, memorable cup of something wonderful. It hasn’t been the subject of traditional tales, or lasted this long if it isn’t good, right? So whip up a couple of mugs, and be prepared to be inspired. Make a little extra of the butter mixture, and make it easy to enjoy this all season long!

Festival Wine and Spirits has everything you need to create enticing winter beverages to warm you up when the temperatures drop this season. Don’t see what you are looking for? Ask one of our friendly team members. We are here to help you chase the winter blues way!