Wait, Tequila is Good For You?

Here’s a bombshell that should make your day: Tequila is good for you. Well, that is when it’s sipped in moderation (1-2 shots maximum, folks) you may experience some health benefits. Incidentally, the next time you ask the bartender for a round of tequila shots, you could be doing yourself a favor. Just try your best to avoid the ‘One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor’ fiasco.

Fewer Hangovers

Tequila is good for you 2

When you drink tequila, all you need is lime and a few ice cubes.

Blanco tequila, the clear tequila, is thought to be one of the purest liquors in the world. It’s also gluten-free and therefore, possibly hangover-free. Admittedly, this isn’t all tequilas, but the Blanco or Silver varieties don’t contain sugar syrups and aren’t aged in wood. This process often includes chemicals and impurities that can amplify hangovers.

Lower Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

Tequila may help lower cholesterol and blood sugar thanks to the Agave plant it is derived from. Tequila contains a sugar that comes from the leaf and triggers insulin production in the bloodstream. In short, these sugars lower triglycerides, thus lowering your cholesterol.

Fewer Calories

Tequila can do bad all by itself. In fact, the taste is so strong and flavorful that you don’t need to waste calories by adding mixers. And, that’s beneficial because sugary mixers, like tonic water and juices, are often the culprit for hangovers. So, avoid the sugary drinks altogether and simply add a little lime to your glass.

Tequila is good for you 2

Blanco tequila is the most refined tequila available.

Decreased Pain

It’s possible that tequila can help you experience less physical pain too. That’s because when tequila enters your system, it dilates the blood vessels and helps improve blood flow. Thus, more blood flow means less pain.

Digestive Health

Agave also contains structures that supply probiotics, which is healthy bacteria found in the intestines. Therefore, drinking a small amount of tequila may help you digest food and ease an upset stomach.

At any rate, knowing that tequila is good for you has officially solidified our support. And, if you’re looking for additional healthier drinks to try, check out the best cocktails under 175 calories.