Top 20 Songs About Summer Drinking

Summer time is fantastic. There are festivals, open beaches, barbecue grills, hamburgers, hot dogs, swimming, fireworks, and hot weather. Most importantly, it’s the season to simply enjoy the warmth of the sun in the backyard and have a good time. And, nothing quite goes with these events like a cold alcoholic beverage, and the same can be said for the good music. Some songs about summer immediately give you the feeling of long days and warm nights. So, when you add a cold beer or drink to the mix, you have created a concoction of great times and memories that will last a lifetime. Here is your playlist with the top 20 songs about summer drinking.

Summer Drinking Songs

  1. “Ride On” – Beast of Bourbon

This remake of the AC/DC original has the feel of a small club on a hot summers night. Therefore, all you can do is sway to the music, and rub a cold beer on your face and neck while downing a chilled glass of whiskey.

  1. “Gin and Juice” – Snoop Doggy Dogg

This was the feel good song Snoop dropped to describe a day of hanging out and nighttime partying. In addition, the California weather makes this song great year round for those on the west coast. But, for everyone else, Gin and Juice are the perfect descriptions of summertime fun.

Songs about summer

  1. “Drunk in love” – Beyonce

Beyonce’s music video depicts the best aspects of summer, like the beach at night, the sand, and the salt water wet hair.

  1. “Sunshine and Whiskey” – Frankie Ballard

The song title is pretty self-explanatory. And, when you listen to the music as he speaks of beaches, sand and Jack Daniels you will be transformed to that exact place.

  1. “Drunk on a plane” – Dierks Bentley

Summer time is a heavy travel time for families, couples, and people just trying to get away for a little fun in the sun and relaxation. Between the traveling and the drinking, this is a great song for the summer.

  1. “All Summer Long” – Kid Rock

Kid Rock captures the essence of summertime with campfires, sandbars, swimming in the lake, and of course drinking whiskey.

  1. “That’s How We Do Summertime” – Chasin’ Crazy

The best way to describe this tune is a simple song with a simple message. Simply, relax, catch the memories, and grab a drink while you’re doing it.

  1. “Blame It” – Jamie Foxx

This is what you do after that wonderful summer day and night of drinking.

  1. “Beachin”- Jake Owen

‘Enjoying the summertime view’ is what Jake Owen describes in “Beachin.” And, looking at a beautiful young lady while he has a beer in hand. It’s summertime goals for anybody.

  1. “Red Solo Cup” – Toby Keith

Any real drinker knows about the red solo cup. The summer weather and a red solo cup are really all you need.

And, a few more to add to your playlist:

  1. Pass the Courvoisier” – Busta Rhymes, Pharell, Jamie Fox
  2. Swimming pools” – Kendrick Lamar
  3. Feelin’ It”- Scotty McCreery
  4. River Bank”- Brad Paisley
  5. Drunk on You” – Luke Bryan
  6. Constructive Summer” – The Hold Steady
  7. Wasted” – Gucci Mane
  8. Roxanne” – Police
  9. Shots” – Lil’ Jon and LMFAO
  10. Summertime” – DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

Now that you have your playlist for the summer, you are ready to amp yourself up for the party. So, take the time to relax lazily on the beach or by the pool, and grab yourself a cold beverage.