The Perfect Match: 4 Drinks to Pair with Your Favorite Shows

After a long day of work, nothing is more relaxing than cozying up on the couch and watching your favorite shows. When you settle down for the evening to watch your favorite shows, chances are you want a cocktail to go with them. Whether you enjoy scandalous soap operas or adventurous competition shows, there is a drink for you. We have compiled a list of the best drinks to pair with your favorite types of television shows.

1. Dramas and Red Wine

Drama is a popular television category that includes romantic plotlines and steamy scenes. What better to pair with your favorite fictional drama series than a glass of wine? This is the mature drink of choice for many sophisticated drama lovers. The fruity aroma and dry notes of a nice red combine to enhance your taste buds and bring you the best viewing experience.

Red wine is known for symbolizing romance and status. You will feel like you are part of the dramatic, tense scenes of your favorite drama show as you sip on your cab sav or merlot.

2. Reality Television and Shots

Most reality TV is full of loud characters and interpersonal drama. Shots of your favorite liquor are great companions for watching the wild personas in your favorite reality show. Straight shots will hit you faster, allowing you to enjoy the hilarious scenes and ridiculousness of reality television.

Shots are potent and taste much more pungent than, say, a beer or glass of wine. That is what makes them a powerful tool for achieving the perfect warm buzz while you watch your shows. If you want to ramp up your reality show viewing party with a fun buzz, shots of liquor are the way to go.

3. Comedies and Beer

Perhaps you like to kick back and relax with your favorite hilarious comedy show. Beer is a great match for comedy television shows because of its light-hearted nature. Most people drink beer during social gatherings and fun parties or while relaxing at home. As you laugh along with your favorite comedy characters, you can enjoy the unique flavor profile of your favorite beer.

Beer tends to make people laugh and have more fun. When you combine a great comedy show with a light, tasty beer, you are bound to have a blast.

4. Cooking Shows and White Wine

Most white wines taste crisper and sweeter than red wines. This makes it the perfect addition to your favorite culinary television series. When watching other people make delicious treats, you will want a drink that opens your taste buds. Many people use white wine for cooking due to its universal flavor.

White wine goes well with most foods, so if you decide to snack while watching television chefs whip up culinary delights, you will be satisfied. Some white wines have fruity undertones that keep you coming back for more sips until the end of each episode.

The Perfect Drinks for Your Favorite Show

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