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Best Cocktails Under 175 Calories

At the start of every new year, we become more conscious of being healthier including exercising more, and watching what we are eating. But did you realize that your favorite cocktails could be sabotaging your new lifestyle? By simply tweaking some popular recipes you can enjoy having drinks without ruining your diet. Here is a list of the best cocktails under 175 calories.

Moscow Mule

130 calories

These drinks are growing in popularity. You may have noticed folks swigging cocktails in copper mugs and wondering what was in their cup. The Moscow Mule is one of those cocktails. While it has indeed hit the scene as a craft cocktail, it is a drink that when simplified is still delicious. It is literally a mixture of vanilla vodka, ginger ale, and a squeeze of lime, it is about 130 calories. If you can find good sugar-free soda, the calories decrease even more!

French Kiss

160 calories

How could you not just feel sleek and sexy as you slide up to the bar and speak the words, “I’ll have a Fench Kiss, please.” Ok all sassiness aside, this cocktail is sweet and refreshing. In its simplest, comprised of champagne, vodka and a splash of Chambord it has about 160 calories, if it is made to specifications. It is a bit on the sweet side, but it is glitzy and fizzy and oozing in femininity.

Gin and Tonic

165 calories

The mention of the gin and tonic may conjure up images of your grandfather sipping the cocktail while smoking a cigar on the golf course, but forget that! The gin and tonic is a tried and true cocktail that is refreshing at any time of year, for any age or occasion. It is light, crisp, plus clocking in at 165 calories; you will never feel weighed down. If you are looking for fewer calories there are “diet” tonics on the market that are tasty and made with a variety of alternative sweeteners. The best thing? It doesn’t take a mixologist to concoct; it is basic bartending 101. Ask for a squeeze of lemon and lime, and trust us, it could be your new signature drink.


125 calories

Ahhhh, the mojito. A classic Cuban cocktail that is rediscovered over and again, generation after generation. While the recipe does call for simple syrup, the amount is traditionally low. The addition of the mint and the lime are flavor boosters, so don’t be afraid to ask the bartender to go lighter on the syrup. The mojito the quintessential summertime drink, but with only 125 calories why not enjoy it all year long!


155 calories

Retro cocktails are all the rage, and the gimlet is no different. Whether you prefer vodka or gin, this libation is undoubtedly experiencing a rebirth and is being shaken up, poured, and enjoyed by all ages. Once again, in its purest form it amounts to about 155 calories, so read the menu and ask questions. Mixologists love to share their knowledge, so they will be able to guesstimate if their variation has the same amount of calories.

The next time you are looking for a delicious and low calorie drink to order out or mix up at home give one of these a try. Stop into Festival Wine and Spirits and stock up on everything you need to become a master mixer and delight yourself and guests in the comfort of your kitchen! If you are searching for any ingredients, just ask, our friendly staff is glad to help.

And remember, because it is low cal, it does not mean it is low flavor!