23 Strange Drink Combos You Just Have to Try

Let us guess, you are sick of the same old alcoholic beverages that are boring. Well, you are not alone! We have found unique recipes that will change everything you know about alcohol. We have come up with 23 strange drink combos you just have to try. These strange drink combos may seem bizarre but trust us – they are uniquely perfect for each occasion. Let’s dive into the art of strange drink combos that will become your new go-to drinks!

1. Vodka + Sorbet

There is no better drink combo to start us off than vodka + sorbet. This beverage is popular in Paris, and are we surprised? Paris always sets the bar high!

2. Old Monk Rum + Watermelon Juice

This is the perfect drink to make on a hot day, but we will warn you. Once you start drinking this delicious combo, it is hard to stop!

3. Tequila + Squirt Soda

If you believe Sprite is inferior to squirt, then this is the drink for you! This beverage is an easy version of the Paloma drink.

4. Soju + Beer

If you can’t go to South Korea, this drink will bring South Korea to you! We recommend making this drink with some fried chicken on the side. We know it sounds like a strange combo but give it a try!

5. Grenadine + Blue Curacao + Vodka

This is the perfect drink to make on July 4th or any other summer holiday! This patriotic drink resembles the colors of an American flag, but it tastes so good, the colors won’t last long!

6. Pineapple Juice + Vodka + Melon

This tropical drink makes you feel the warmth from the sun, or maybe it’s just the alcohol? Either way, it tastes delicious and goes down easy!

7. Black Raspberry Liqueur + Lime Juice + Vodka

If you are a raspberry lover, then this combination is a dream! Depending on how much vodka you add, it can have a bit of a bite.

8. Rye + Ginger Ale

This combination is a Canadian favorite and boy, does it go down smooth! If you enjoy mixed drinks with Sprite, give this drink a try!

9. Lemon-Flavored Vodka  + Corona Beer

Sometimes, a Corona is just not enough! This drink is called “Loaded Coronas,” we recommend adding a shot of lemon-flavored vodka, but some people prefer this combo with tequila or rum.

10. Whipped Cream-Flavored Vodka + Root Beer

This is the adult version of a root beer float, but the difference is if you drink too much, you might think there is ice cream in here!

11. Sprite + Orange Soda + Whipped Cream-Flavored Vodka

This drink tastes just like a creamsicle! If you are looking to have a blast from the past, this will remind you of your childhood.

12. Apple Cider + Caramel Vodka

We recommend grabbing fresh apple cider from your local store this fall and enjoy this festive drink! It tastes just like a caramel apple, but better!

13. Fireball + Mango Tea

Cheap mango tea and fireball is a true college student dream! Not only does it taste good, but it is an affordable drink that will give you the desired taste you want!

14. Vodka + Fresca + Fresh Lime

When you whip up this drink, it will make you feel like the true boss you were born to be!

15. Orange Soda + Vodka + Red Kool-Aid

We know you already want to try this unique, fun drink! The sweetness from the orange soda and Kool-Aid allows you to put extra vodka in without even noticing!

16. UV Blue + Orange Juice

Some people call this drink “The Hulk” due to its bright green color after it is mixed. This beverage is excellent for Halloween or if you like the color green!

17. Vodka + Peach Schnapps + Cranberry Juice

This drink is also known as “Sex on the beach,” tastes sweet and delicious. This combination can be dangerous because this cocktail goes down like water!

18. Crown Royal + Amaretto + Cranberry Juice

A combination like this makes a red drink that tastes like an exotic paradise! The taste will leave you coming back and may just turn into your new favorite cocktail!

19. Red Bull + Vodka + Peach Schnapps

If you need a drink that will keep you going all night long, then this combo is the fuel you need!

20. Malibu + Chocolate Milk

We know what you are thinking but trust us! This strange drink combo may look weird, but it tastes like a chocolate milkshake with a hint of coconut.

21. Coke + Red Wine

This is a classic drink that many people have forgotten about, so go down memory lane with your aunt or mom and make her this drink!

22. Pink Lemonade + 7UP + Rum

A pink drink that makes your taste buds go to another planet! If you want to make a drink for a girl’s night, this is a cute cocktail to serve!

23. Rum + Cranberry Juice + Pineapple Juice

A combination like this will be your match made in heaven. Just watch out for people trying to snag your drink up because it will taste amazing!

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As you can see, these drinks are simple and easy to make! These beverages do not take much time, and if you don’t have the ingredients, stop by Festival. These strange drink combos are an exciting addition to serve at any party or family gathering that will impress your friends! So, grab your cocktail shaker and become your own personal bartender, and who knows you? You may never want to get a drink out again!