What’s Your Shot Based on Your Sign?

The best time of year to take a shot is, well, anytime. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! And, as we head into the fall and holiday seasons, there are endless opportunities to pour up and cheers with shots. But, everyone has their own preference for shots, whether they be sweet, straight up, on fire (literally), or taken with a bomb. Perhaps, your zodiac sign has something to do with your choice of alcohol. Read on and find your perfect shot based on your sign.

♈ Aries – Don Julio

Aries are independent, courageous, and know exactly what they want. They work hard, but they play hard too. But, they can also be a little impulsive. Sure, acting first and thinking later is risky, but for an Aries, it often leads to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And, after a shot of Don Julio, you’re even more fun than you were before. It’s tenacious and gets the job done, similar to an Aries.

♉ Taurus – Lemon Drop

Taurus’ are easygoing, dependable, and trustworthy. And, because they value simplicity and honesty, they tend to make amazing friends, colleagues, and partners. However, because they crave security and stability its best not to push them too far out of their comfort zones or it could get ugly. A Taurus’ perfect shot is a lemon drop, as its pure and won’t get them too drunk.

♊ Gemini – Double Shot of Fireball

Gemini’s are chatty, charming, and adventurous. And, the Gemini symbol represents twins because they rarely like to do anything alone, and they are known to have split personalities. So, why not have two shots rather than one? Fireball also has a bold, spicy flavor that complements your dynamic spirit.

♋ Cancer – Sour Patch

Cancer’s tend to be unpredictable, emotional, and keep everyone guessing. And, while seemingly tough on the outside but soft on the inside, Cancer’s are sensitive and care deeply about others. They are nurturing, loyal, and protective, and they like to make everyone feel at home. The Sour Patch shot, mixed with tequila, a splash of sweet and sour, and soda is the perfect shot based on your sign because it’s equally sweet and sour.

♌ Leo – Jello Shot

Leo’s are outgoing, bold, self-assured, and entertainers at heart. They thrive on social interactions and usually have no problem making friends because of their charm and playful nature. And, whether they plan it or not, they are always the center of attention. As the residential party starter, the Jello Shot is right up your alley, Leo.

♍ Virgo – Johnnie Walker

Virgo’s are fiercely independent, modest, and intelligent. They are inherently bold personalities that strive for perfection in all facets of life, and they’re always looking to better themselves. Not to mention, they get the job done without complaining. A top shelf glass of whiskey, straight on the rocks, pretty much mimics the Virgo personality. They want the best.

♎ Libra – The Kamikaze

Libra’s are sensitive, kind, extroverted, and tend to get along with everyone. They’re also ambitious, have very expensive taste, and work hard to make money. But, watch out because they have a dark side too. The Kamikaze, prepared with equal parts vodka, triple sec, and lime juice is sophisticated and dangerous, perfect for a Libra.

♏ Scorpio – Alabama Slammer

Scorpio’s are very passionate and intense. But, that also means they are independent and unafraid to blaze their own trail no matter what others think. And most of the time, they’re not afraid to say what everyone is thinking. The Alabama Slammer, mixed with Amaretto, Southern Comfort, orange juice and Sloe Gin, is just as intense and unique as Scorpio!

♐ Sagittarius – Jagerbomb

Sagittarian’s are vibrant free spirits with a positive outlook on life. They’re always looking for a way to indulge their adventurous and reckless spirit. And, with open minds and a taste for the bold, Sagittarius live active lives that intimidate others. So, what’s more fitting than a Jagerbomb (a shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of Red Bull) for these risk-takers?

♑ Capricorn – Captain Morgan

Natural rule-followers, Capricorns thrive on order and love strict rules and hierarchies. They are incredibly ambitious with larger than life personalities, which can be intimidating at first. For a Capricorn, a simple shot of straight liquor like Captain Morgan is right up their alley. A complicated shot with too many ingredients is not for them.

♓ Pisces – Jelly Bean

Pisces’ are affectionate, compassionate, and empathetic beings. They are often seen as the “oddballs” because they are fantasy-fueled, artsy, romantic and flighty. But, they simply just enjoy an escape from reality. So, the colorful and fun Jelly Bean shot made with blackberry brandy, Sambuca, and Southern Comfort closely resembles a Pisces eccentric nature.

♒ Aquarius – Cherry Bomb

Aquarians are true visionaries and trailblazers who love to spend time thinking about how things can be better. So, if it’s new, radical and rebellious, Aquarians are all over it. But, beware because they are quick to anger if things don’t go their way. Therefore, Aquarians require a shot that encompasses both aspects of their personality: the Cherry Bomb. Made with cherry vodka, energy drink, and Grenadine syrup, the Cherry bomb shot is sweet with a little kick.

Let us know about your perfect shot based on your sign! We’d love to hear if you agree or disagree with our prognosis. Also, be sure to check out our selection of Spirits at Festival before its time to cheers with a round of celebratory shots.