Say No to Green Beer This St. Patrick’s Day – For Us, Please?

Say No to Green Beer – Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Drink Alternatives

Put down the green beer this St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously. We don’t like this look on you. But, as a friend, we think you can do better. Why? Let’s answer your question with a better question – what makes the beer green? Do you know? NEITHER DO WE. Actually, we know it’s a dye, but we have no clue what chemicals companies use to dye it. Therefore, unless you have the gut of your 21-year-old self, let’s skip.

Secondly, and this is appropriate for being #2, you could poop green. Like we don’t have enough to worry about being adults, let’s not add insult to injury. All jokes aside, food dye isn’t easily absorbed into the body (nor would we want it to) but can mess you up. Curious about the specifics, check this article out. So, as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, let’s find new drinks that go beyond the gross (albeit classic) green beer. Say no to the green beer; say yes to these alternatives so you can appreciate St. Patrick’s Day in style.

Irish Coffee

Keep it classy and caffeinated with the Irish Coffee. Is it simple? Yes. Does that make it less awesome? No. It’s actually why we love it so much. The best part is most pubs serve Irish Coffee year-round. But if you are looking to make it yourself, we got you. To make Irish Coffee, you need the following three basic ingredients:

  • Irish cream liqueur
  • Irish whiskey
  • A hot cup of coffee

Seriously, that is it. Make it fancy with a dash of nutmeg and whipped cream for extra flavor. This drink is creamy with bitter notes of coffee to offset the sweetness. So start your St. Patrick’s Day off great with an Irish Coffee in the morning. Or better yet, end it with one! Bonus: it keeps you warm because it’s Maryland, and the weather is unpredictable in March.

Pot of Gold

Well, the name is a bit kitsch, but we can get behind it. Mainly because it’s cooler than the name might imply. Grab some cucumber, mint leaves, vodka, elderflower liqueur, and ginger beer. Does that pique your interest? Here is the full recipe if you want to try this at home. If you don’t have elderflower liqueur, you could try some Gran Marnier for a flavor variation. We haven’t tried it ourselves, so good luck. Let us know if you find the rainbow.

Irish Eyes

We aren’t sure if this name comes from the flower reference or the song… However, it is something green you can have without being green beer. Most bars will serve Irish Eyes in lowball glasses. It contains three simple ingredients: crème de menthe, cream, and Irish whiskey.

Irish Eyes is for you if you enjoy uncomplicated, sweet drinks and want a green beverage to walk around with. You can easily make this drink at home for you and your guests to enjoy. Irish Eyes are a great festive addition to any St. Patrick’s Day event.

Green Iced Teaquila

Calling all our tequila-lovers this St. Patrick’s Day! We have just the drink for you. Combining iced green tea with tequila and fresh ingredients, the Green Iced Teaquila is just the thing you need this holiday. This drink is also straightforward to make with simple ingredients:

  • Brewed green tea
  • Lemon juice
  • Your tequila of choice
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Guava nectar (optional)

Once you have brewed your green tea, the rest of the drink is easy to make. You just have to combine the ingredients to suit your tastes. Easy on the tequila, okay? OR not…

The Irish Mule

Irish mules are classic, refreshing St. Patrick’s Day favorites among the Irish and other nationalities alike. This variation on the Moscow mule contains ginger beer, Irish whiskey, and lemon juice. The bitter and tangy notes of the ginger beer and lemon juice combine surprisingly well with smooth Irish whiskey. This drink will rejuvenate your taste buds as you go about your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Quality St. Patrick’s Day Drink Ingredients

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