Pool Party Drink Accessories You Need

Summers are hot and humid in Maryland, so having a pool is a major plus. It’s a treat to cool off, lounge by the pool, and throw back a few cold ones. After all, you’ve worked hard so you deserve to play hard, too. From party games to drink coolers, here are some essential pool party drink accessories for endless summer fun.

Inflatable Drink Holders

pool party drink accessories 2

You should always be within arms reach of a beverage. Even if you’re cooling off in the pool. And, with an inflatable beverage bar and drink holders, you can float hands-free while you sip. No need to ever get out of the water! Most importantly, the drink holders are designed to keep SOLO cups, cans, and bottles afloat and upright. So, there are no spills. Plus, the beverage bar features a built-in chest for ice and snacks.

Stemless Wine Glasses

This year, stainless steel wine glasses are taking over the summer scene, and for good reason. We all know that glass by the pool or on the patio is a disaster waiting to happen. Instead, pick up a few stemless cocktail tumblers. They’ll keep your drink cool for hours and there’s no chance of spilling any precious alcohol with the insulated lid attached.

Wine-Infused Pops

Alcoholic freeze pops are having a moment this summer. So, don’t miss out on the craze and freeze your alcoholic beverages by making tequila or wine-infused pops. Simply add your favorite fruit juices, pour in a little alcohol, and pop them in the freezer for a few hours. They’re colorful, refreshingly delicious, and poolside-approved.

Floating Beer Pong Table

You probably didn’t know how badly you needed this until right now. Elevate your party games with a 6-foot inflatable beer pong table! There’s even a built-in cooler to store extra drinks and plenty of ice. Not to mention, you can use it as a regular floaty when you’re not playing a competitive game. Pro Tip: Add ice under the cups to keep the beer cool.

Make the First Stop at Festival

Whatever the festive occasion may be, Festival Wine & Spirits has you covered. Stop by today to pick up the liquor and mixes you need to make your pool party drinks. We even offer monthly wine tastings and other events to expand your wealth of wine knowledge. Also, for more information, contact Festival Wine & Spirits at 410-266-7227.