Mixers – It’s Not Just About the Alcohol

Mixers – It’s Not Just About the Alcohol

Seasoned mixologists and cocktail connoisseurs know there’s more than one component of a great beverage. While there’s no denying the significance of high-quality alcohol, we can’t forget about the ever-important cocktail mixers! Mixers provide unique flavor, color, and volume to our most-beloved drinks. It’s the glue that holds the cocktail together. So, if a phenomenal cocktail is what you’re after, don’t skimp on the following bar essentials.

Essential Mixers

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Grenadine syrup is commonly found behind almost every bar and adds a touch of tartness and sweetness. It’s primarily made from sugar and pomegranate juice and adds a deep red to your Martini and Tequila Sunrise.

Sour Mix

While often used for tropical cocktails, the sour mix is the perfect DIY ingredient for Whiskey Sours or Margaritas.

Simple Syrup

Consisting of just sugar and water, simple syrup is the best way to lightly sweeten cocktails.


Sometimes, a touch of bitterness is all it takes. You’ll find that aromatic and orange bitters are ubiquitous for use in an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan.

Basic Liqueurs


The sweet almond-flavored liqueur can be drunk alone or used as an ingredient in fancy and casual cocktails. For example, you can find it in a Godfather (Cognac) cocktail or a French Connection (Scotch).

Dry and Sweet Vermouth

This aromatized, fortified wine gives cocktails an herbal taste and accentuates the flavors in the base liquor. Use dry or sweet vermouth for a Gin Martini, Rob Roy, or Negroni.

Orange Liqueur

Used in countless cocktails, the orange liqueur is a bar necessity. And you’ve likely heard of some common variations like Triple Sec and Grand Marnier. We recommend adding it to your Mai Tais and Margaritas.

Creme de Cacao

This dessert addition is not too sweet and features a hint of vanilla. Plus, it comes in various flavors, like dark and white chocolate. Prepare Chocolate Martinis, Mochatinis, or an Alexander with creme de cacao.


Cocktail Mixers - Juices

Orange Juice

From breakfast to the beach, orange juice is a versatile and essential element to any well-stocked bar. And the only way it could taste any better is to squeeze the juice yourself. Then, make a round of Mimosas or Screwdrivers!

Cranberry Juice

This bar staple is also a great source of Vitamin C! Make everything from Vodka Cranberries to Cosmopolitans and Sea Breezes (with Grapefruit and Cranberry juice).

Tomato Juice

We feel this speaks for itself. Bloody Marys, anyone?


mixers moscow mule

Club Soda

It’s the original mixer for fizzy drinks with no added sugar. Prepare a cocktail as simple as a Vodka Soda or as fancy as a Tom Collins or Mojito. And, as far as healthy cocktails go, club soda is an ideal choice.

Tonic Water

Add a touch of bittersweet bubbles to either gin or vodka with this staple.

Ginger Ale & Ginger Beer

Both flavorful mixers pair well with bourbon, vodka, and blended whiskey. If you like it sweet, use ginger ale, but if you enjoy the spice, use ginger beer as you would in a Moscow Mule.

Coca Cola

Don’t forget this classic mixer that goes equally well with rum as it does with whiskey. One Jack and Coke, please!

Get Cocktail Mixers at Festival (and Next Door!)

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