How to Make the Perfect Summer Mimosa

Are we correct to assume that Sunday morning brunch would lack a certain “je ne sais quoi” without a mimosa in hand? They fit together so seamlessly, like hugs and kisses and coffee and cream. And, with its no-nonsense three-ingredient blueprint, this beloved cocktail is so simple, yet so delightful. All you need is a dash of triple sec, a splash of orange juice, and a little champagne. So, let’s make it official, and declare this one the season of the perfect summer mimosa! You can hang your hat on that one, 2020.

Mimosa’s Origin Story

summer mimosa

No matter how you prefer your mimosa, (homemade or bottomless style at a local breakfast shop), we could never enjoy such a luxury without the help of our fellow historical drinkers. And, like many classic cocktails that came before us, there are several theories regarding its inception. Nevertheless, if any of the legends hold true, we salute whomever is responsible for the birth of our sweet and bubbly beverage friend. Here are some popular origin stories of the mimosa:

  • In 1921, at the Buck’s Club in London, a drink similar to the Mimosa called Buck’s Fizz, was thought to be invented. Interestingly, the recipe called for only champagne and OJ (no triple sec). Later in 1925, Frank Meier, a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris founded the classic mimosa that we know and love today. His recipe called for all three ingredients.
  • Our second theory claims that acclaimed American director, Alfred Hitchcock, invented the mimosa in San Francisco in the 1940’s. While the story still goes that the Buck’s Fizz was the inspiration, some believe that Hitchcock was the one to popularize it as a brunch drink in the U.S.

The Classic Summer Mimosa Recipe

As many seasoned drinkers know, the basic Mimosa requires just three simple ingredients: triple sec, orange juice, and Champagne. Even better, since champagne is the final ingredient, there’s no need to mix it! The bubbles will do the stirring for you. But, as a true cocktail connoisseur understands, the secret to a balanced, refreshing cocktail is measuring the ingredients. So, before your next summer shindig, follow these steps for a perfect round of mimosas:

  1. Using a champagne flute, pour a 1/2 oz. of triple sec into the glass. Did you know that the tall glass design helps retain bubbles?
  2. Then, pour in 1.5 oz. of cold orange juice. Opt for high-quality, pulp-free orange juice, not from concentrate.
  3. Next, holding your glass at a slight tilt, add in 3.5 oz. of chilled Champagne. Voila, that’s it! Tip: Avoid super cheap sparkling wine to prevent a next-day headache.

Remember, don’t stir your mimosas! Stirring them will release more bubbles and could cause the glass to overflow. Also, for an added summer sunrise effect, try topping it off with a splash of grenadine. It’s a beauty!

Visit Festival This Summer

Needless to say, after a couple practice rounds, you’ll be the latest and greatest at-home bartender! And, if you’re looking for the best ingredients for your summer mimosas, check out our selection from Festival Wine and Spirits! Cheers to Summer 2020!