Health Benefits of Wine

It’s the new year, we are all trying to be healthier. Well, according to science wine is healthy and there are many health benefits of wine. So, you like a glass or wine with dinner or just love wine, no worries. Check out these health benefits to keep in mind the next time you’re picking our your favorite bottle from Festival.

health benefits of wine

Red wine contains a plant compound called Resveratrol which are thought to have antioxidant properties.

Healthy Heart

There is scientific evidence showing that wine in moderation can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. It has been shown that the risk of dying early from heart disease has been reduced by nearly one-third in people who consume wine on a regular basis.

Reduce Cholesterol

Some doctors will even prescribe a glass of red wine a day as a way to help reduce your cholesterol numbers instead of taking medication when you’re in the beginning stages. It appears that wine can actually increase your HDL, good cholesterol levels, while reducing your LDL, bad cholesterol levels.


You may be surprised to find that studies have also shown that wine can help slow the growth of breast cancer cells in the body as well. Other cancers such as liver cancer and even oral cancer have also shown slowed growth in wine drinkers.

Strong Bones

Women especially have a risk of their bones growing weaker over time. The ingredients in wine have shown to help strengthen your bones in those who have regular moderated indulgences in red wine.

Moderation is Key

Yes, wine has many health benefits to your body. The key is drinking it in moderation. Even if there are benefits, those benefits are lost if you’re drinking too much on a regular basis. The good rule of thumb is one glass a day for women and no more than two a day for men. Liver disease is still a possibility if you’re consuming too much alcohol. Make sure you talk with your doctor before starting to drink red wine for the health benefits.

Cheers to a healthier new year and come into Festival Wine & Spirits to enjoy the benefits of wine with your favorite bottle.