Guide to Gifting Wine Based on Personality

If you are stumped on gift giving ideas this holiday season, a bottle of wine is a perfect solution. Who doesn’t love wine? However, there is one caveat, different folks like different types of wine. While it isn’t easy to decide on what to give, here is our guide to gifting wine for friends and family throughout the Annapolis region.
Guide to Gifting Wine Festival Wine and Spirits Blog

The Sailor

Pass on the rum, even if they do envision themselves pirates of the Bay, and consider a bottle of wine. Sailors almost feel more at home on the water. The perfect bottle is something refreshing and crisp, while at the same time tasty and memorable.

Cabernet Franc or Albarino

The Socialite

Guide to Gifting Wine Festival Wine and Spirits BlogFor the person who always seems to be ready for a party or to head out for a night on the town, nothing is better than a bottle of bubbly. Sparkling wine is the undisputed king or queen of celebrating. While buying champagne seems intimidating or expensive, there’s no need to spend a fortune.

Riesling or Blanc de Blanc

The Annapolitain

Guide to Gifting Wine Festival Wine and Spirits BlogThe true Annapolotain understands what it is like growing up and living in a “drinking town with a sailing problem.” These traditional folks love life and enjoy everything that the Chesapeake has to offer. When gifting them wine, consider what pairs best with the Naptown lifestyle of oysters, crabs, sailing, and socializing.

Chablis or Pinot Gris

The Eastportarican

Guide to Gifting Wine Festival Wine and Spirits BlogQuirky and artsy, and not afraid to speak their minds, Eastortaricans are always ready for an impromptu gathering of friends. They love wine that has as many layers as they do. Therefore search for complex wines that allow for discussion about subtle nuances, body, palate and aroma.

Malbec or Chardonnay

The Sports Fanatic

Guide to Gifting Wine Festival Wine and Spirits BlogSports fanatics are busy, dedicated, passionate and enjoy life to the fullest. They are always on the go, often up and out early on the weekends either taking the kiddos to an all day tournament or heading to the stadium to tailgate before the big game. The perfect wine is something that is exciting and flavorful.
Mourvedre or Garnache
Hopefully, this guide to gifting wine has helped a bit. Still not sure? We do have a list of Top 10 Wines Under $10 you can check out. We also have a friendly and knowledgeable staff at Festival Wine and Spirits here to help with suggestions and great ideas.