A Guide to Buying Cigars

Guide to Buying Cigars

Festival has a humidor that carries a variety of Cigars sure to satisfy everyone’s taste and for you to discover new favorites.

There’s a lot of history and tradition behind the age-old practice of cigar smoking. And, there an entire culture to go along with it. Buying cigars may seem intimidating. Because like a fine wine or scotch, there are many options, flavors, and terms to learn, all that add to the experience. This is why we put together a guide to buying cigars. Learn first the basics about cigars and our recommendations for buying for beginners.

Basic Cigar Anatomy

First, things you will want to know about the different terminology when it comes to cigars. The band is a paper ring near the head of the cigar, often identifying the brand. The main body of the cigar is referred to as the barrel. The cap is a bit of leaf used to seal the smoking end of a cigar and the filler is the tobacco that makes up the inside of a cigar. Typically each cigar will hold 3-5 leaves of varied type, finely stripped. Finally, the foot is the end of the cigar you light.

While there are eight recognized different cigar wrapped shades, there are three that seem most popular.

  1. Candela is a shade of green.
  2. Colorado has a reddish hue.
  3. Maduro is a very dark coffee brown color.

Cigars come in two basic shapes, figuardos and parejos. Parejos are the traditionally shaped tube cigars that come in varying width and length. Figuardos are classified as irregularly shaped and appear hand rolled. Parejos are more common, and figuardos are usually more expensive.

Buying Cigars for Beginners

1. Buy a Few Types at a Time

When you first start smoking cigars you won’t know what you like. And like wine or food, your preferences may change. So, purchase a few at a time (around 5), that way, you be able to experiment and sample different types and flavors. But, you also won’t be stuck with a lot of cigars you do not like.

2. Start With Mild Cigars

For a newbie, full bodied cigars can be overwhelming. Selecting milder options allows you to ease into the practice. Also, you won’t be turned off right from the start.

3. Stick to a Budget

Sure, you get what you pay for, but as a newcomer to smoking cigars, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Choose moderately priced cigars at first. Once your palate develops and you discover what you like, then treat yourself.

Hopefully, this guide to buying cigars has offered up information to pique your interest. We invite you to come into Festival Wine and Spirits and check out our selection. Have questions? Our friendly knowledgeable staff is here to help you make an informed purchase.