Get Creative with the Best Boozy Food to Bring to Parties

Get Creative with the Best Boozy Food to Bring to Parties

When you’re going to a gathering with friends, you can’t do wrong with your go-to BYOB (beer or bottle). However, if you’re looking to get creative, consider one (or several) of these boozy food ideas for your next party. Sure, you could make jello shots for the tenth time this year… Or you could wow your host and fellow guests with an imaginative alcoholic recipe that makes the night truly special. So let’s look at a few ingenious boozy food ideas you should consider next time a party comes up. These recipes aren’t difficult to make and use various alcohol types.

Chocolate Liqueurs

Chocolate liqueurs are bite-size chocolate truffles filled with roughly a shot’s worth of alcohol. The most common liquors used are whiskey, rum, and tequila, and you can make these at home with a few basic ingredients or simply buy them at most supermarkets. The store-bought ones are often even shaped like little liquor bottles!

Boozy Cupcakes

Ever considered spiking your homemade cupcakes with a little bit of bubbly? It’s surprising how delicious it can be with the right flavors. Starting with a vanilla cupcake base, infuse some Prosecco in the baked dough and top the cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting for the perfect fruity treat.

Spiked Cereal Bars

If there’s cereal in the title, it is technically breakfast, right? Cereal bars are a delicious treat any time of day, and after a long night of revelry, this treat made with the cereal of your choice as well as some fruity booze like Malibu can make the perfect nightcap in the wee hours of the morning. Top them with some fun additions like chocolate chips and sprinkles for a complete experience.

Bourbon Meatballs

Not all boozy food for parties has to fall in the dessert category. There are plenty of ways to booze-ify your favorite savory dishes and appetizers, including scrumptious meatballs marinated in brown sugar bourbon BBQ sauce. You could even replace the bourbon with whiskey or choose a different meat base to soak in this delicious concoction.

Frozen Cocktail Popsicles

You can’t go wrong with a fruity frozen cocktail at a party, but what if you took it a step further with some boozy popsicles made with your favorite cocktail flavors? As long as you have a popsicle tray for your freezer, just throw in your favorite frozen cocktail. Put margaritas, piña coladas, or mai tais mix in the trays for a few hours, and you’ve got yourself a boozy frozen treat perfect for poolside enjoyment.

Tequila Quesadilla

If you’ve never cooked with tequila, now’s your chance to try it out. Quesadillas made with tequila-marinated chicken are certainly among the most unique boozy food ideas, but don’t knock it until you try it! These quesadillas pair great with some tequila-infused guacamole on the side.

Affogato a la Bailey’s

The affogato (ice cream and espresso) is a classic, beloved dessert that mixes sweet and bitter flavors. Change it up by swapping the espresso for Bailey’s or combining the two to make a truly delicious ice cream topping.

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