4 Best Drinks for Day Drinking

4 Best Drinks for Day Drinking

In Annapolis, Maryland we are known as a drinking town with a sailing problem. No matter the season, we know how to party. Although, summer is where we get our groove. It means time spent relaxing on the water, at a friend’s pool, or simply in your backyard. It’s also the season for cookouts, sunbathing, and spending time with friends and family. And in the wise words of Little Big Town, “I know you know what I’m thinking. Why don’t we do a little day drinking?” Exactly our thoughts. Here are the 4 best day drinking beverages to keep you enjoying the warm weather.

4. Margaritas

Fun, refreshing, and classic. Margaritas make you happy and they are so damn good. You can choose from classic tastes or put a summer twist. Some like it slushy, others on the rocks. It’s versatile and yummy. Best for backyard parties if you want them made fresh. You can also buy pre-made margarita mix and make ’em as you go! Hey, no judgment here.

3. Sangria

When have you ever made Sangria one cup at a time? Never. That’s because it’s meant to be shared. Perfect for day drinking. Plus, its boozed soaked fruit. It’s a present at the end of every drink. Not to mention, this drink is meant to be shared. Nothing served in a pitcher should be drunk alone. (Okay Janet, we know you CAN – we are saying you shouldn’t.)

2. Daiquiri / Piña Colada

Okay, we know this is two different drinks but really we are putting them as one. First because sometimes it’s an either/or situation. Barb likes Daiquiris and you love Pina Coladas. So, they go hand-in-hand. Also, they are like smoothies. That is healthy, right? Pro Tip: Mix them together!

1. Wine Spritzers

We aren’t going to lie, this is a tricking drink. It’s not for the beginner day drinker either. Go too fast, you’ll regret your life. Wine Spritzers are better than just plain wine. It gives you the carbonation that will slow you down a bit (or should). It is also lower in alcohol, depending on how you pour. Honestly, this also applies to Mimosas, Bellinis, Prosecco, and light beers. Just make sure you have a buddy system in place before you start.

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-glass” color=”#dd9933″] Day Drinking Tips

Whatever drink you choose, make sure to drink responsibly. Day drinking is an art form and you should take necessary steps. First, make sure anyone drinking isn’t driving. It’s a rookie mistake and can leave people scrambling at the end of the day. When in doubt get a cab or Uber but don’t drink and drive.

Secondly, pace yourself. This isn’t a spirit but a marathon people. So skip the bottomless brunch, and shots in early in the day. This isn’t that day. You are in it for the long haul. That leads us to our final tip.

Eat and stay hydrated (with water, Bob). Yes, we have heard there is a sandwich in every beer. This isn’t the day you are counting calories. Also, don’t do fancy. Eat regular food, a burger, hotdogs, chips, and salsa. This also means avoiding dairy. Milk and alcohol aren’t friends for day drinkers. Stick with protein heavy foods if you aren’t sure.

Now, Go Day Drink!

day drinking 1Last tip – don’t try to stay up all night drinking too. Drink water and go to bed. Passing out on the couch is also acceptable but not advisable. Your body will love you more if you are in your bed. Remember to stop by Festival and stock up on all of your summer day drinking necessities. Happy day drinking!