Upgrade Brunch: 6 Unique Ways to Dress Up Your Mimosas

Upgrade Brunch: 6 Unique Ways to Dress Up Your Mimosas

Mimosas and brunch are a sort of iconic duo that gives peanut butter and jelly a run for its money. The combo is so iconic, in fact, that it can almost be a bit … overdone. Well, okay, let’s not go that far. Mimosas and brunch are absolutely timeless. You might agree, though, that you have wished there was some way to add a little flair to the pairing, right?

You can do just that by just spicing up your mimosas a bit. The classic orange juice/champagne combination is only the beginning of what the traditional drink can do. Don’t believe us? Check out these unique ways that you can dress up your mimosas and upgrade your next brunch.

Making the Most of Your Mimosas

There is a long and storied history between brunch and mimosas, and the future is looking bright. Here are six different ways to shake up the drink that’s so tasty you don’t realize you’re tipsy.

1. Change Up the Fruit Juice

Perhaps some purists out there might declare that mimosas explicitly use orange juice. Just don’t invite them to brunch — life is short, and there are way too many fantastic fruit juices to enjoy. Changing up your mixer is a simple way to put a fun spin on any old classic. It also provides more options for finicky friends.

2. Add Some Actual Fruit

Let’s be real: we like our mimosas to be pretty. A brightly colored, bubbly drink in a fancy glass is as pleasing for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. You can enhance both of those elements by adding some fresh-cut fruit to your champagne flute. An orange slice, a pineapple chunk, a whole strawberry … choose your favorite. Trust us: it’ll look and taste great.

3. Try Some Simple Syrups (and Sprigs)

Yes, we know that this has the potential to go way overboard. Once you’ve added enough new ingredients, you’re working with something other than a mimosa. However, just a splash of something like lavender syrup can really bring a whole new dimension to brunch. And if you’re looking to add to that theme, consider some lavender sprigs for decoration.

4. Dessert for Brunch

Why not stack on another meal to the breakfast-lunch combination? There are a bunch of different ways to add an extra layer of dessert-like decadence to your mimosas. Sorbet mimosas are a popular option, as are orange creamsicle mimosas. If the season is right, caramel apple mimosas are a glass of autumnal bliss. And don’t even get us started on strawberry shortcake mimosas!

5. Go for a Unique Combination

The basic recipe for a mimosa is something that can be easily toyed with to create fun and exciting flavor combos. The trick to really getting unique is the fruits, herbs, and other additions you throw in there. Here are some unique combination ideas:

  • Blackberry juice and mint
  • Lemonade and raspberry
  • Pear juice and cinnamon
  • Grapefruit juice and rosemary
  • Orange juice and lavender

There are nearly infinite combinations like this that you can toy with. If you want to come up with something wholly original, experimentation is key.

6. Create a Make-Your-Own Mimosa Bar

This is the best way to really discover the limits of what a mimosa can be. Not only will a make-your-own bar relieve you of your mimosa-concocting duties, but it’ll also be a whole lot of fun. Buy a bunch of different juices, fruits, herbs, and other garnishes, and let your brunch guests have at it. And when it’s all over, make sure to compare notes.

If there’s one thing you don’t want to forget when providing mimosas for your next brunch, it’s the champagne. Festival Wine & Spirits has the crucial ingredients you’re looking for. So, stop into the store and stock up.