5 Best Summer Wines

Summer wines are typically light and pair well with a warm summer night. Chilled, crips, while also light and refreshing is the mark of a good summer wine. Ultimately, the wine should complement the beautiful summer weather and enhance an evening experience. Let’s take a look at the five best summer wines this year.
best summer wines

2014 Leitz Dragonstone Rheingau Riesling

If you are a fan of Riesling and white wines in general, the 2014 Leitz Dragonstone Rheingau Riesling is for you. The grapes are grown in Germany. They carry a pleasant and bright arrangement of notes and flavors. This wine also has an apparent and distinct aroma with flavors of pineapple and mushroom. And, the Reisling embodies a very slight sweetness too. Pour a glass and pair it with a warm July night.

Layer Cake California Cabernet Sauvignon

Like the soil in which it is grown, a Layer Cake wine combines a collection of wonderful flavors in perfect harmony. The Layer Cake California Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent full-bodied red wine. It also packs quite a flavor for the price and contains a surprising degree of spice and style. If you love summer wines but aren’t partial to white wines, this bottle is sure to impress.

Estate Argyros Atlantis Santorini White

Grown on the famous island of Santorini in Greece, the Estate Argyros Atlantis Santorini White is a pleasant summer wine. As all quality summer wines should be, this white wine is crisp, fresh, and full of substance. With a solid body and structure, Santorini is the perfect choice for white wine lovers across the globe. Santorini wines are made from grapes grown in soil rich with volcanic ash. Due to the robust flavor and crisp palate, this white wine makes a great addition to any summer wine collection.

2014 Alloy Wine Works Central Coast Pinot Noir

It’s not every day that you see a fine wine packaged in a can, but the 2014 Alloy Wine Works Central Coast Pinot Noir is an exception in more ways than one. This wine is made from high-quality, hand-picked fruit from California’s central coast. They carry a dry and medium-bodied profile. And, notes of cola, cherries, mushroom, and vanilla can be detected in this unique red wine. Best paired with an equally casual meal like pizza or tacos, the 2014 Alloy Wine Works Central Coast Pinot Noir is not one to miss this season.

Angeline 2016 Rosé

Lastly, we have the charming and vital Angeline 2016 Rosé. Rosé wines are perfect for the summertime. They are considered to be the oldest known wine and naturally paired with sunlight and warm summer nights. This rosé is dry and crisp with an aroma of apples and vibrant notes of grapefruit. The Angeline 2016 Rosé was made of Pinot Noir and carries a mouthfeel that has a slight grip to it.

Whether you are partial to red wines, white wines, or rosé, take the time to indulge in the delightful flavors and textures during the warm summer nights. We recommend branching out this season and grabbing something new for the wine-lover in your life (even if that means yourself). Stop into Festival Wine and Spirits for all of your favorite beer, wine, and liquor. In addition, sign up to get monthly savings and see upcoming wine tastings.