21 Quotes About Alcohol We Love

Drinking is just plain fun. It symbolizes celebration, happiness, and comfort, and it brings us together to enjoy life’s greatest moments. Some of our fondest memories consist of drinking in the dorms with our college roommates, or toasting your best friend at their wedding, or simply celebrating the arrival of the new year. We all deserve to have some fun now and then (responsible fun, of course). For those who enjoy a good happy hour, these quotes about alcohol should perfectly sum up how you feel.

1. According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution.

2. You look like I need a drink. 

3. I used to think drinking was bad for me, so I gave up thinking.

4. Save water, drink beer.

5. Hakuna Ma’Vodka- It means no memories for the rest of your night. 

6. Alcohol should be served in Capri Sun pouches. When you can’t get the straw in the hole anymore, you’ve had enough.

7. Alcohol won’t solve your problems. Then again, neither will milk.

8. Alcohol- The best “night-time, speech slurring, headache creating, dehydration having, drink spilling, charm killing, so you think you can dance” medicine.

9. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

10. Childhood is like being drunk, everyone remembers what you did, except you.

11. Alcohol + “Watch this!” = 911

12. Give me coffee to change the things I can and wine to accept those that I cannot.

13. I’m feeling a bit overworked and under intoxicated.

quote 1 quotes about alcohol

14. Life is not a fairytale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk.

15. “Trust me you can dance”- Vodka

16. I quit drinking for good. Now I drink for evil.

17. It’s strange how eight glasses of water a day seems impossible, but eight beers is so damn easy!

18. And then alcohol said, “Put that on Facebook, it’s hilarious.” But alcohol was wrong. So very wrong.

19. Alcohol: Some of the best times you’ll never remember.

20. I wonder if there is a margarita somewhere out there thinking about me, too.

21. Whiskey and ice and everything nice.

Go home, guys. You’re drunk. But, if you want to keep the party going, check out our Top 20 Songs About Summer Drinking.